About UCO Maritime

 Providing The Best

UCO MARITIME SERVICES CORPORATION places a premium on serving clients with the highest degree of professionalism.  This goal is principally achieved through qualified seafarers with vested competence in their respected area of expertise yet flexible to adapt to the latest trends in seafaring.  This is the distinct advantage we are now offering to cruise liners, merchant vessels, tanker operators, and bulk/container offshore and anchor handling tug owners throughout the world as we believe we can able to meet the requirements given our services.

Assuring The Quality of Our Crew

The company has reserved manpower, pooled and selected from referral of associates in the business and finest crew from results of advertisements so as to maintain its quality and standard recruitment procedures.  We also maintain ex-crew officers and ratings that are long-known to as of excellent performances, we see to it that crew who must acquire latest STCW 95 certificates possesses the required document before accepting them as our applicants.

We are Competent

UCO MARITIME SERVICE CORPORATION strives for the optimum efficiency and reliability in all crewing and manning services it undertakes to accomplish zero chances of untimely repatriation and untoward behavioral problems, therefore, maintaining the company’s name clean “suit” – less to this date.