Jobs & Hiring Procedure

Having this in mind, the company shall continually improve the Company Quality Management System that is globally acceptable to meet and responsive to our Ship-owners needs and demands to manned their vessel with highly skilled and certified Filipino seafarer’s thereby ensuring safe ship operations, sound working practices, cargo safety and protection of marine environment.

 Hiring Procedures

Record system is continuously updated to ensure that a pool of personnel is always on hand and ready for employment and deployment.  All the names registered in the record system have passed the interview and written examinations, and a background investigation including a review of the last post held, has been completed by UCO MARITIME SERVICES CORPORATION crewing staff.

 Qualifications / Disqualifications

Qualified applicants are given final interview and screening by the port captain for deck, port engineer for engine department and the hotel manager for hotel department.  All prospective applicants are then referred to the operation department for proper documentation and assignment.

 Verification / Watchlisting

The Liaison Department checks the background with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.) all submitted documents and credentials for proper verification and qualification for crew watch listing.

 Medical Examination

All selected candidates are subject to thorough/extensive medical examination as required by the law to ensure that the selected crews are able to perform assigned tasks

 P.O.E.A. Processing

This government reviews all contracts to determine qualification for overseas placements prior to issuance of approval.

 Job Orientation

All crew scheduled for deployment are given in-house training and pre-departure orientation seminar which cover details of principals, vessels, port of call, culture of country’s destination, working environment, communication barriers, crew nationalities and home allotment.

Training for Crew

UCO MARITIME SERVICES CORPORATION has its own training facilities manned by qualified, competent and professional Trainors/Ship Officers both from Deck Department and Engine Department.


The Integrated Training Modules are designed to focus on the rules and regulations as well as crew compatibility expected to sensitive working conditions and are expected to demonstrate a team of effort attitude.  Likewise, every crewmember is anticipated to display an awareness of these restrictions.